How to Use Video

To add the youtube video here go to Appearnce - Widgets - HomePage Main content other Utilities - Text widget. Here in iframe tag you can place your youtube URL to show your youtube video. You can checkout this listing overview video for more information.

Some Important Tips

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    A person might have to undergo an independent medical examination if: A doctor orders such an evaluation as part of litigation. Their attorney recommends an evaluation as part of litigation. A self-insured employer or insurer requests an evaluation because they disagree with the person’s doctor’s diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

  • Drawing upon this data, the examiner will draft a report with details about:

    The medical evidence for various symptoms. For example, if a person complains of chronic back pain, but the examiner cannot find medical evidence of a back injury, the report will likely note this. However, relying solely on visible evidence for symptoms can cause conditions such as fibromyalgia to be overlooked.

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